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Who is behind GoalTree?

GoalTree is a solo-project, started in February 2020, by Alvin Sartor.

I am a big fan of productivity software and, as I also love programming, I often end up building myself what I need.
When I can, I share the final results.

My goal is to make useful, free, accessible software, for everyone.

What is coming next?

The list of features I want to see implemented is:

  • Upgrade server to support more users (current max DB space is only 100 MB 😬)
  • Move website to my own domain
  • Make website mobile-ready (working on it!)
  • Add more charts to the dashboard (they're never enough!)
  • Add a tutorial to explain basic functionality
  • Add badges
  • Add shortcuts
  • Add calendar view
  • Add deadlines
  • Fix bugs.. Always fix bugs 🐛
  • And much more!
Do you want to receive updates each time a new feature is released? You can follow the LinkedIn page.

Do you want to help out?

Would you like to help the project going? That's fantastic!
You can help me out paying for the website expenses or supporting my work going here:

Buy me a coffeeBuy me a coffee

Alternatively, if you are cool and use Brave to surf the web, you can donate free tips through your browser, GoalTree is a recognized Brave publisher!
You don't know what Brave is? 😱 Check it out yourself by clicking here Discover Brave


Got any suggestions, hints, feedback, idea, doubt? Feel free to reach me out at this address.

I would love to hear what you think about the website and which features you would like to see implemented!

This website would not be possible without..

Icons: Flaticon
Images: Freepik
Hosting: Alwaysdata
Code: Django and TypeScript
Genetic material: mum and dad